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QuantumCTek Co., Ltd.


QuantumCTek Co., Ltd. is a Chinese pioneer and leader in commercialized quantum information technology (QIT), now becoming one of the world's biggest manufacturer and provider of QIT-enabled ICT security product and service. Based on ongoing innovation and open collaboration of quantum science and technology, QuantumCTek is committed to providing competitive QIT portfolio of quantum secure solutions in telecom infrastructure, enterprise networks, cloud computing, as well as Big Data technology and services. Our solutions, products, and services are used in government, financial and energy industry, etc., ensuring long term quantum safety to numerous users. Till now, more than one thousand QuantumCTek quantum secure products have been manufactured and running online, securing communication links longer than 6000 km.


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QuantumCTek Group

Parent Company: QuantumCTek Co., Ltd.

Wholly-owned Subsidiaries: Shandong Institute of Quantum Science and Technology Co., Ltd. 
                      QuantumCTek(Beijing) Co., Ltd.
                      QuantumCTek(Guangdong) Co., Ltd.
                      QuantumCTek(Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
QuantumCTek(Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

Enterprise Qualification
National High-tech Enterprise Production License of Commercial Encryption Products Sales License of Commercial Encryption Products ISO9001 Quality Management System Certificate Maturity Level 4 of the Capability Maturity Model Integration Qualification of Information System Integration and Service
Industry Organization
Member of the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) One of the first members of Quantum-Safe Security Working Group (QSSWG) Sector member of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) President unit of China Information Industry Association Quantum Information Branch Charter member of China Quantum Communication Industry Alliance One of the first members of National Cipher Industry
Standardization Technical Committee
Leader of Quantum Communication Working Group-The
special group of quantum communication and information
technology in China Communication Standardization
Association (CCSA)