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Financial Application

Take banking as an example, the bankingadopts the system that core business information is centrally managed by the head office, it has big business volume and high security requirements. For that, our company designed the solution about encryption and transmission application of banking data, whichhas been used in financial institutions such as people's bank of China, industrial and commercial bank of China, bank of China, construction bank of china, agricultural bank of China, pudong development bank and huishangbank,etc.

Mobile finance is widely used in banking industry, in order to solve the distribution and use requirements of the "last kilometer" of quantum key resources to mobile terminals, ensuring the quantum secure communication between mobile terminal and business center, our company designed QSS-ME solution for quantum security service mobile engine, refer to the explanation of "Mobile Terminal Communication Protection Application".

In addition, according to the needs of financial users, our company can customize or jointly develop application systems and security solutions for deep business adaptation.