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Applications of critical infrastructure control and data collection

According to “White paper on quantum secure communication technology”, quantum secure communication can be used to secure data acquisition and monitoring systems in critical infrastructure.Critical infrastructure plays an important role in the normal operation of social economy and its security and reliability usually depend on its communication infrastructure subsystem. The information confidentiality, authenticity and integrity are very important in these communication subsystems, such as railway signaling control systems, power dispatching automation control systems, water supply control systems, and large industrial control systems…and so on, the key information can be protected by the key distributed by QKD.

In the field of electric power, the solutions designed for dispatching automation, distribution automation and other business which designed by our company have been verified in the disaster preparedness center under state grid and power companies in Shandong, Anhui, Zhejiang and other provinces.

◆Dispatching Automation: Through quantum communication network, the quantum key is transmitted to all levels of vertical authentication encryption devices in dispatching automation system, supporting its reliable authentication, secure connection and business data encryption.

◆DistributionAutomation: Provide quantum key to the distribution terminal (FTU/DU/TTU) through the quantum security service mobile engine (QSS-ME), supportig it to establish safe transmission channel with main distribution station through its own PON network and wireless public network mode of operator.

In addition, the company has corresponding solutions in business scenarios such as electric power guarantee and silver power trading and can also develop or jointly develop relevant solutions according to requirements.