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Applications in other fields

In addition to typical scenario applications such as information data transmission and infrastructure control in the above areas, the company can also provide general or customized solutions for corresponding scenarios in other areas, including remote wireless communication protection based on satellite links, mobile communication protection serving marine quantization mobile terminals, etc.

a. Applications of long-distance wireless communication protection

The combination of QKD and long-distance wireless communication system based on satellite, aircraft and so on is a much targeted application. It can achieve high security key distribution between long-distance stations without deploying a large number of ground optical fibers and trusted relay stations. It is suitable for ensuring the communication security of remote areas, overseas embassies and important mobile devices and so on. Taking the key exchange between QKD and satellite as an example, the basic process of key exchange is as follows: the ground station at location A and B carries out QKD with satellite C respectively (Usually,It’s not simultaneously, depending on the coverage angle of QKD and the number of concurrent links of satellite), and location A and B obtained the keys a and brespectively. Satellite C sends the XOR of a and b to B by classical communication, B unlocks the XORobtains the key a Shared with A. The use case can also be extended tomanysatellite scenarios, where they are interconnected through free space links to form a global satellite QKD network. The company's products have provided support for the connection between “Mozi” and “Beijing-Shanghai trunk line”, and will provide more extensive access support through the ground station products under development in the future.  

b.Applications of mobile terminal communication protection

According to“White Paper on Quantum Secret Communication Technology”, the network security protection of variouskinds of mobile terminal users has become one of the hot issues of current concern. Using the unique advantages of QKD and combining with Key Distribution Center (KDC), the quantum key generated by QKD can be applied to the mobile terminal side to protect the end-to-end and end-to-server communication security. It can be applied in mobile office, mobile work, mobile payment, Internet of Things and other scenarios.
The QKD network combines a quantum security service key distribution center for managing the quantum key generated by the QKD network, and a quantum key update terminal device close to the user, and can charge the symmetric quantum key generated by the QKD network to the secure storage media of the terminal (such as SD card, SIM card, U shield, security chip, etc.), for authentication and session encryption during communication. The scheme guarantees the forward security of the session key, and also ensures that the identity authentication and session key negotiation process can resist quantum computing attacks.

Looking ahead, a large-scale ground optical fiber quantum secure communication network is composed of multi-vertical and multi-horizontal national optical fiber quantum secure communication backbone network, metropolitan area network (MAN) and industry private network. It connects the quantum communication constellation composed of multiple quantum communication satellites, forms a wide-area quantum secure communication system with Space-earth integration, and becomes an information security infrastructure covering land, sea, air and sky.It will service the related network security, data security and application security needs of government, finance, electric power, national defense, transportation, medical and other industries and fields, and entering the personal information security market.