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Cloud and data center application

According to “White paper on quantum secure communication technology”, the quantum secure communication can be used to guarantee the security of data transmission between data centers when data backup and business continuity are carried out between different data centers. In order to meet the needs of enterprises and users of high security data transmission, the link encryption machine between data centers can change the key as needed through QKD.

Our company has designed solutions for cloud and data center security about mass data storagesecurity, remote backup and transmissionsecurity, and cloud security of user core data. It has been partially used in Alibaba and other data centers.

Data center storage:Our company’s quantum random number source generates key for business use, can simultaneously meet the encryption requirements of different levels and multiple services through hierarchical management. Meanwhile, remoting backup and cooperative scheduling of keys are carried out through quantum key distribution network, making the backup system consistent the same functionwith the main system when necessary.

Discretionary security and multi-party sharing:Quantum secure communication network supports users to encrypt data with quantum keys and upload to the cloud, users can master the key locally, so as to realize the data security autonomously; At the same time, quantum secure communication network also supports other legitimate parties to obtain multi-party Shared keys, so as to achieve multi-party sharing of ciphertext on the cloud.